The Archetypal Atlanta Crime (4)

Posts 1, 2 and 3 from last August detailed the story of Michael and Whitney Lash, whose westside home was robbed by four rocket scientists posing as stranded motorists. They got away with Ms. Lash’s phone after shooting and seriously wounding her husband and waving a gun at her while she was carrying a baby. Shortly thereafter, police released a sketch of the shooter, who chose not to cover the piercing between his eyebrows while he committed attempted murder and armed robbery. He and his three pals were caught almost immediately, and today, the shooter, Brandon Jerome Smith, pled guilty and was sentenced to life plus 25, while his pals all got 18 year sentences, which means they’ll serve ten. Per WSB:

His attorney revealed in court that Smith was high on cocaine at the time of the incident.

Get out.

Tequan Sutton, Veshawn Smith and Quindaris Slade, ages 15 and 16, admitted they were involved in the home invasion.

They were charged as adults, but since they did not fire the shots, the judge gave them 18 years in prison, with 10 to serve.

Let’s tote up the total cost here. Smith is 19, which means he’ll spend approximately 50 years behind bars. Plus thirty for the other three, that’s eighty total years. According to the ACLU, it costs $18k/year to house a prisoner. So that’s $1,440,000 total for these four clowns, plus the costs of investigation, pretrial detention, etc., none of which are trivial. Call it a million and a half. Back last August, I guessed $1.3M, which I thought was cynical at the time. Let’s imagine what else we could do with that amount of money.

The Lashes said they are trying to put the incident behind them.

“It was just an emotional day, but we’re thankful that it’s over, and that they can move on with their lives, and we can move on and hope that they can come out of it as better men,” Whitney Lash said.

That’s kind of mean, but I don’t blame her.

The Archetypal Atlanta Crime (3)

Short update: unsurprisingly, the young man with the piercing between his eyes was captured not long after running from Michael and Whitney Lash’s home, where Michael Lash was shot and seriously wounded. Again, let’s look at that sketch:








I speculated at the time that this guy would get caught quickly, and he did. Brandon Jerome Smith, welcome to the Big House. At least you got caught first, and get to dime out your pals for a reduced sentence. But let’s give kudos to the Atlanta Police for getting this guy quickly: the two grand you spent on the reward hotline was well worth it. We’ll leave you with the police chief’s words:

“He was 18, young and dumb… If I can be as crass as that,” said Chief Turner. “I mean where was he going to go?”

The arrest comes a couple of days after police released surveillance video and a sketch of one suspect in Monday’s home invasion on Sumter Street.