Reboot 2: The Rebootening

NOW my 22-month Bataan Death March of my “real” job is finally over and I have way more time to spend doing fiction-related stuff. So, it’s time to fire this up and really use it. I’m going to focus on the writing process, by using the blog as a way to force myself to write stories instead of just pretending I’m going to.

The mission remains the same, but the story quota needs to go up. So, I’m going to try to put together a complete, ready-to-publish story once every three weeks. This would work out to something like 75kwords/year, which is a pretty good output, especially considering I’m going to work on other projects, as well.

Reboot: July 2014

Real life intervened and compelled me to take about nine months off of trying to be a serious writer of popular mystery-thriller fiction. And even before that the exercise had become rote: I was just cherry-picking dumb crime stories and saying smartass things about them.

So now it’s time for a purge and a restart. From now on, this blog is going to concentrate less on lurid crimes and the stories that could potentially be made from them, and more on actually writing stories. I’m going to use the blog for three separate but related purposes:

  • Posting daily writings and thus forcing myself to write.
  • Critiquing my own writing and thereby strengthening it.
  • Critiquing others’ writing as a means of taking my own work more seriously.
  • Updates as to where and when I’m reading or being published.
  • Links to other writers’ work, not solely for networking purposes.

Sure, I’ll post a funny true crime story once in a while—some are hard to resist—but this blog has now become much more serious about the mechanics, process and presentation of my writing, and other forms of professional development.