Listen to a Story for Free: “Rage Will Consume You First”

Hear it here.

Listen to a Story for Free: “Gone Dark”

Here is my Soundcloud file containing my brand-new MP3 of my creepy short story Gone Dark. You can download or just listen. This is a prelude to my upcoming audiobook: I’m mostly just testing the recording quality with this very short story.

Take a listen and leave a comment: tell me what you think about how the recording sounds. I’ll give you the first few paragraphs of the story to entice you:

Just after noon on Saturday, Ben dropped Chuck off at the Fergusons’. He rang the bell, waited, rang again. No answer. With an ear to the door he could hear Bobby’s muffled voice: “Mommy!” No use interrupting them. Chuck stretched his head up for an ear rub, purring at full volume. “Okay, buddy,” said Ben. “You be good, and don’t bite Bobby even if he pulls your tail.”

He hustled back down the street, where Laura was tossing bags into the car. “Let’s go,” she said. “I want to beat the traffic.” And they thought they had; but just like every year, they got stuck in a monumental traffic jam near Dothan, Alabama, along with everyone else from metropolitan Atlanta driving to Panama City.

Sunday was spent on the beach. Monday was Memorial Day. So it was Tuesday morning before Bernice Witherspoon, a 26-year veteran of the US Postal Service, stepped up onto the Fergusons’ porch. She heard the yowling, then caught the smell. Next to the front door was a plastic carrier with a very pissed-off black-and-white cat inside. It put its face up to the mesh and screeched. Bernice didn’t look too closely: she hated cats. Give her a dog any day. A cat will steal your baby’s breath. Not that Bernice was too fond of children, either. But by the time she got back to her truck, she was caught up in a dream of lottery millions and had forgotten all about the cat.

On Wednesday morning, when Bernice returned, the cat was still there, no longer frantic but listless. Bernice grumbled, but it was God’s creature, too. She hustled back to the truck to call it in.

Spoiler: the cat doesn’t kill anyone. You can listen to it here. Enjoy!