A Rush to Judgment

Here’s my novel A RUSH TO JUDGMENT, available for digital download at Amazon. Note that you don’t need a Kindle: you can download free reader software here.

When Detective Diana Siddal sees the body of little Jasmine Parker at the bottom of a stairway in the feminist childcare
cooperative that cared for Diana’s own daughter years b
efore, she knows that she has to tread carefully. One of the founders of the Atlanta Mothers’ Union is a powerful state senator who takes even more care to maintain her own image than she does the reputation of the cooperative. The senator pressures the
commanders of the Atlanta Police Department first to declare Jasmine’s death an accident, then to accuse the on-site nurse, Julian Baker, an old friend and onetime crush of Diana’s, of
murdering Jasmine. But Jasmine was violated before her death, and there may have been other children molested at the cooperative. Diana and her partner, the Moroccan-born, experienced, cynical Inspector Mustapha Alawi, risk their careers to continue to investigate the Mothers’ Union. 
Once a key witness disappears, Diana and Mustapha understand that something still more sinister is more on at the Mothers’ Union. They try to stay one step ahead of the political pressure, dodging their own captain, the senator, an elderly Congressman from the Jim Crow days, Diana’s own family and the Department of Homeland Security in order to uncover the truth. In the middle of all of this is Julian Baker, who might just be the man Diana wanted him to be ten years before—or who might just be involved in murder.
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  1. I really dig your style. You’re obviously a gifted writer who knows what he’s doing. Glad I found your blog.

  1. Novel 3: Act I, Chapter 3, Scene 2 | Julian Cage

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