2nd Anonymous Corpse of 2017

Here’s a very brief story about another unidentified person found dead in downtown Atlanta. This woman was found just three or four blocks from where our first homicide of 2017 took place. Earlier, I wrote about how this provided a potential jumping-off point for a piece of fiction, which was based on the total randomness of the unidentified dead guy. But now, we’ve got TWO corpses, both without names, both dead in a city that sounds violent but really only sees 100 murders in a bad year. Of course, the first place the press jumps to is serial killer, because that generates a lot of clickthroughs. But Diana and Mustapha are skeptical, especially because of the different methods (gunshot, then stabbing) by which each victim was killed.

A better link is that both victims were found at places the city is really trying hard to gentrify. The first man was found on Broad Street, which the city wants to turn into an arts district, by which they mean corporate, tourist-friendly arts district, because there are already a lot of local artists there; the second victim was found at Underground Atlanta, essentially the case study in terrible urban renewal projects. After more than twenty years of declining fortunes and increasing violence, Underground has been sold to a private developer, which has angered many people who also don’t like the corporatization of the arts district.

So the immediate thing Diana and Mustapha are going to look for is another killing at another gentrification site (Atlanta has plenty). Right now, I’m thinking they’re going to resist every media attempt to frame these as serial killings, and only gradually come to grips with the fact that they might be just that.

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