Wrong Address

It’s disturbingly common for police to be sent to, or arrive at, the wrong address. Most of the time, they figure it out with just a little confusion. But since America militarized its police forces, this sometimes results in the police shooting a few people, or blasting a baby with a flashbang grenade, before things are sorted out. And since America, or at least Georgia, decided that “guns everywhere, always” was a super great idea, sometimes this happens:

An officer-involved shooting which resulted in a resident being shot by Henry County police is being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The incident occurred in the 600 block of Swan Lake Road near Stockbridge around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Henry County police responded to a 911 call reporting gunshots and an unknown female yelling for help. Three officers were dispatched to the neighborhood.

“Based on the directions given to the police officers there, they wound up at the residence of Mr. Powell,” stated Scott Dutton with the GBI.
Upon arrival at 690 Swan Lake Road, officers spotted William Powell, 63, who was armed with a handgun. According to the GBI, officers told Powell to drop his handgun, but he did not comply. Powell was then shot by one of the officers in the neck.

Powell was taken to Atlanta Medical Center where he is in critical condition as of Thursday morning.

Now he’s likely to die. Powell did what any red-blooded Georgian would do, which is walk out of his house in the middle of the night toting a gun, and the cops did their thing, which is shoot first and ask questions later, and here’s the result. Usually, the police are absolved of blame or responsibility, but this one is so egregious that the GBI is actually looking into it:

The GBI confirms Henry County PD responded to wrong address. Powell had nothing to do with the original 911 call. Investigators did eventually find the house where the woman was screaming.

“There was an argument there however they indicated that there was no screaming for help or shots fired,” said Dutton.

The officer who shot Powell is on administrative leave. CBS46 asked the GBI if we could hear the 911– they declined to release it at this point in the investigation.

So let’s create a hypothetical situation where cops are sent to the wrong address (or read the address wrong, which often happens), and the homeowner comes out packing, and shots are fired, and Diana and Mustapha have to come out and investigate the mess, and they’re getting ready to arrest the idiot cop who started firing, and only THEN does it occur to anyone to check out the correct house.

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