Early Morning Crime Spree

Here’s today’s big Atlanta crime news. Anything that affects the truly epic craziness of the morning or evening commute is real news in our town.

Police say they have a driver in custody who killed pedestrian and carjacked two drivers in Cobb County and attempted another in Atlanta on Wednesday morning.

Marietta police officer Jim Rakestraw said the incident began on Interstate 575 when a female driver was involved in a hit-and run. The driver then drove to the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Bells Ferry Road where she hit a female pedestrian around 6:15 a.m. The pedestrian was transported to Kennestone Hospital, where she later died.

Rakestraw said the driver then carjacked a vehicle in the area, drove to the intersection of Canton and I-75 where she carjacked another vehicle.

The driver then apparently drove into Atlanta, where Atlanta police say she wrecked her car on Ponce de Leon Avenue. Police say tried to take another car at gunpoint but was taken down by officers in front of the Majestic Diner.

Now, this is tragic because someone was killed. So let’s have some respect for the victim, and rewrite this as a crime story. Have the same sequence of events, but put the pedestrian in the hospital with minor injuries instead. The key question is: what in the world made this woman in such a hurry to get downtown? We can chalk it up to mental illness, but that doesn’t make for all that great of a story. What motivated her in our story to be in such a hurry that she was willing to get in a hit-and-run, then carjack two people and try for a third?

Keep in mind that even at 0615 the trip from I-575 to Ponce de Leon is likely to be pretty grueling. It’s 28 miles or so, but through some of the worst, most congested parts of the metro area. What’s her hurry? What’s happening at 0700 intown that she needs to get to that badly? It certainly can’t be the food at the Majestic.


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