Another Recording Studio Murder

A short follow-up on a short story from yesterday:

Nathan Shannon, 27, of Atlanta, was killed when gunfire erupted at a southwest Atlanta recording studio shortly after 8 p.m. The identity of the second man killed has not been released.

Atlanta police Major Adam Lee III said multiple gunshot injuries were visible on two people were found dead at Metropolitan Parkway SW and Bronner Brothers Way in the Metropolitan Business and Arts District.

Bullets ruptured a waterline and flooded the crime scene, delaying the police investigation, police told Channel 2 Action News.

I’ve written before about the well-established relationship between Atlanta hip-hop studios and death by gunfire, and hot on the heels of Bankroll Fresh, here’s another example. So why do so many people get shot while recording music? The cliché would be people fronting like gangsters and then drawing weapons when bluffs are called.

And from a crime fiction perspective, that’s boring and also well out of my wheelhouse. I can think of at least two other reasons why people get shot at recording studios. One is money, of course: recording studio time and quality sound engineering are very expensive. You can see someone who financed a rapper’s album not having been paid back and showing up at the recording of the second one demanding payment, knowing that the rapper likely has the funds to pay the studio.

Another reason is that you know where to find the guy. Recording takes a lot of time: you can imagine the killer hearing from his minion that another guy said the rapper’s in the studio right now, and this gives the killer time to arm himself and get there.

And if I were going to write a story about this, that’s where I’d go with it: someone else wants the rapper dead for some completely unrelated reason (life insurance, romantic breakup, etc.). They know the rapper has other people who have a beef with him, so they put the word out that the guy’s in the studio, wait for the guy with the beef to show up, shoot them both with different guns, drop both guns and leave. Stupid cops are going to figure it’s a beef gone bad, and only once they’re pressured to do so are they going to start looking elsewhere.

Of course, it could always be the recording engineer, who’s always the last one to get paid.

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