New Year and Novel 3

I had the chance, for the first time in about four years, to take a three-week break without having any responsibilities at all, including travel. It was restful and restorative. I’m just at the end of Act III writing the novel now, though I wrote very little over break on purpose. As this month goes by, I’ll post a lot of excerpts from Act III while I write most of Act IV. The goal is to have the manuscript ready to be looked at by agents and publishers by the beginning of June, which is very doable.

I’ve rewritten the outline for Acts IV and V. Relatively few of the changes will impact the narrative already present on this site, except one: Mario will no longer be the desiccated corpse in Act II. Instead, he’ll be the victim at the beginning of Act IV, while the Act II corpse will be that of a mentally challenged homeless man who will get a line or two in the very first couple of scenes.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin with putting Act III up on the site.

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