Novel 3: Act II, Chapter 1, Scene 4b

TOC page here.

Just a very quick update, given that I did a crap job of breaking this scene in two. Here’s the other reason Mustapha imagines the killer might give for half-assing the Reaper’s signature.

“Hunh?” He eased to the car into a parking spot on the next block down from Grady. “Well, either he doesn’t know, or he doesn’t care. He has a motive we haven’t sussed out yet. Publicity, some fucked-up version of Islam?”

“Drawing attention to the plight of Atlanta’s homeless?” They got out of the car. “The ordinary Atlantan would mock anyone who pointed out how poorly served the homeless are, but if they’re being murdered by the Reaper, people will start clamoring for better social services?” She slipped tablet and phone into her bag and hurry to catch up with him. “I’m not even convincing myself, here.”

He doesn’t know, or he doesn’t care. That’s elementary: what we’re going to read next is going to lend some depth to this.

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