The Archetypal Atlanta Crime (3)

Short update: unsurprisingly, the young man with the piercing between his eyes was captured not long after running from Michael and Whitney Lash’s home, where Michael Lash was shot and seriously wounded. Again, let’s look at that sketch:








I speculated at the time that this guy would get caught quickly, and he did. Brandon Jerome Smith, welcome to the Big House. At least you got caught first, and get to dime out your pals for a reduced sentence. But let’s give kudos to the Atlanta Police for getting this guy quickly: the two grand you spent on the reward hotline was well worth it. We’ll leave you with the police chief’s words:

“He was 18, young and dumb… If I can be as crass as that,” said Chief Turner. “I mean where was he going to go?”

The arrest comes a couple of days after police released surveillance video and a sketch of one suspect in Monday’s home invasion on Sumter Street.

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