Double Shooting in West Midtown (1)

Very sketchy details on this one so far; I’ll update when I know more.

Atlanta Police confirm that two people have been shot in the 800 block of Howell Mill Road NW.

Police say a man is in critical condition and the other person is alert, conscious and breathing.

Investigators said they believe the shooting happened at a parking lot at Northside Drive and 11th Street.

There is no word on what lead to the shooting.

Way to go with the great grammar, WSB. This story is notable because I ran into it last night: I came upon a roadblock, stopped and talked to one of the camera operators. Someone drove up on them at Northside and 11th (maybe half a mile away), emptied a clip into the car, took off. These guys panicked, drove to the location, pulled the more seriously wounded guy out of the car and ran into a nearby coffeehouse to call an ambulance. They did not, as another story reports, take off after they put their friend on the sidewalk.

On the surface, it seems like the kind of banal street crime that’s difficult to make dramatic: either someone with more ego than sense had a beef with these guys, or it was a transaction gone bad. I almost botched this post, because when finding the article link, I came upon another double shooting in West Midtown from the previous night. That one was the result of another nightclub fight, a depressingly common cause of fatal shootings, but this one remains unclear. So, all-too-common causes, guns handed out like candy, we know the story already.

The real story comes from the neighborhood. Ten years ago, there was little other than largely-abandoned small industrial sites in the area; now, it’s crackerbox condos and hipster restaurants for blocks in any direction. The coffeehouse the guys ran into to call the ambulance (and why did none of them have phones on them? There’s the weird detail.) is one of my favorite places to get work done. Yet Northside Drive, the main thoroughfare, runs south to some still pretty distressed areas, so 20th-century style urban crime keeps intruding. Two different worlds, technically in the same city and century, very little connection between them except when the bullet-pocked SUV pulls in and a guy runs into the coffeehouse to use the phone. There’s your point of drama.


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