Never Cum Inside a Single Mom

That’s an appalling statement. So much misogyny and filth. But that’s what it’s intended to be: this is the plot of my first new story in quite a while.

There’s a man stabbed to death in a flashy Midtown condo. Taylor Adams is 46 but lists his age as 38 on most of his online profiles, of which there are many. Taylor is the co-author of a book called Never Cum Inside a Single Mom; the book is a bunch of excerpts from a blog of the same name.

The avatar in the blog and book is the 30s-40s equivalent of the Alpha Male Red Pill guys who target 20-something women in order to bed and dump them as quickly as possible. The philosophy of NCISM is quite different, because 40yo women aren’t going to be fooled by the alpha male crap the way a 20yo would. Taylor’s big insight is that single, dateable, solvent 40yo straight women vastly outnumber single, dateable, solvent straight 40yo men in Atlanta, as they do in essentially every metropolitan area in America. So as long as you can manage to make the slightest effort to please women, you as Taylor’s 30something followers can get a lot of dates; and as long as you can remain just vulnerable enough to pique but not enough to commit, you can keep them strung along, because supply and demand works in your favor.

So the blog is all about Taylor’s adventures stringing along three or four good-looking single moms or childless divorcées who will provide him with all the sex he wants, and gradually rotating them out. The persona on the blog is frankly toxic: he’s providing a model for all his followers. The blog was kind of an overnight sensation and has only been around for nine months or so; the book is brand new. Taylor was on a few talk shows the previous week.

There are at least two clear threats to Taylor: one is from a women’s studies lecturer who is a consistent commenter on the blog and who has become increasingly strident since the news about the book. She is difficult and unbalanced, but has at least a superficially persuasive alibi. The other is from a recently-dumped single mom who figured out who he was from the PR about the book, recognizes her story from the blog and makes all kinds of threats on the phone. She also appears to be elsewhere at the time of the killing.

Next step: Taylor did not write the book nor the blog. Taylor’s lawyer comes forward, saying that Taylor only found out about the blog a couple of weeks before his death. He had the lawyer prepare a cease and desist letter, but not send it. So naturally Diana and Mustapha track down the actual writer, Angela, the exact sort of single mom that NCISM is targeting. It turns out that Angela works for the PR people who do the kind of benefit shows that hip affluent 40ish people attend. She dated Taylor a few times, sussed him out, came home and started an angry blog about it, where she portrayed Taylor—notably, all the photos in the blog have faces blurred out. The NCISM blog proved far more popular than her own, so she got her anger out writing from the perspective of a character like Taylor, and got money and fame from it.

Angela tells them that one of Taylor’s exes had recognized his clothes and so forth from the photos on the blog, which were PR photos from the benefits. Taylor read it, learned about the book, called his lawyer. But then he went over to Angela’s house and made her a deal: he could sue her and take it all, or they could work together and he could be Taylor in real life, and they could both cash in. The neighbors saw him go into Angela’s house, but not leave—because, she says, he spent the night and she gave him a ride back to his place in the morning, where he was killed a few hours later. She has no actual evidence of this, and her alibi was that she took the day off and slept in after she dropped him off.

A search of her premises finds the murder knife, with Taylor’s blood on it and her DNA on the handle, so she gets arrested because the DA can’t not pull the trigger. But D/M are skeptical, because her logic actually makes sense; and she doesn’t seem dumb enough to kill him so clumsily. She’s very poised in general. Well okay then, who did it? Time to revisit the two other women as suspects, and we get to learn something weird about both of them, but neither could have done it, for different, embarrassing, reasons.

So who killed Taylor, and why? Stay tuned.

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