The Comments Say it All

The article is pretty much useless:

There have been three homicides in east Atlanta in as many months, and now people who live in this historic part of Atlanta are fed up.

Hundreds gathered at the ARC Auditorium at Zoo Atlanta to learn how they can protect themselves and their community.

Atlanta police, along with DeKalb County police officers, were there to answer questions and give advice on how to fight crime.

Not everyone thought the meeting made a difference and left shaking their heads. One man who did not want to be identified said the people who held the crime meeting were “just blowing a bunch of smoke.”

There was a meeting; that’s all the article says. The local blog is far superior journalism, though this should hardly be surprising.

In response to a slew of recent residential burglaries, armed robberies and at least one shooting, DeKalb County’s top cop pledged a “surge” of 20 to 25 police officers will be reassigned to the unincorporated areas of the county.

Police Chief Cedric L. Alexander made the promise Wednesday night at a meeting of residents from several Atlanta neighborhoods and unincorporated DeKalb.

The main issue, the article goes on to explain, is jurisdictional: East Atlanta partly belongs to the city and partly to DeKalb County, which has a population of about 700k and whose government is a disaster, with one sheriff murdering another, a school board so fractious and corrupt that the (equally corrupt) governor felt compelled to step in and be the white Republican dismissing a bunch of black elected officials, and a CEO who’s under indictment for strong-arming campaign contributions.

So it’s probably not difficult to understand that the response time to white hipsters’ homes at the very edge of the county is lousy, and that the general levels of incompetence, corruption and cooperation between city and DeKalb police forces are pretty low. Various articles have both forces mentioning that the group of thugs believed responsible for many of these crimes keeps crossing jurisdictional lines, as if this should matter. But, at least they’re attempting to placate residents; though it’s much easier for them and lucrative for their respective jurisdictions to set up speed traps to ticket hipsters than it is to investigate murders and robberies so stupid as to defy ordinary detective procedures.

But the real reason I linked the original article is because of the comments good citizens have left behind. I’ve written before about the duality of gentrifying neighborhoods, and nowhere is the gap in understanding more clear than what people have to say on the internet under cover of anonymity.

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