New Twist on the Restraining Order

This gas station murder happened the other day and has been all over the news. But there’s a great story underneath a simple crime:

Hours after being denied a permanent restraining order against Roger Clark, Gregory Walker was approached by the man at a Clayton County gas station, Walker’s attorney said Thursday. Clark had already threatened to kill him over an unpaid debt, and Walker wasn’t taking any chances, Averick Walker, his attorney and cousin, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Clark sold Walker a car; Walker couldn’t pay it off in a timely manner. Walker got sick of the threats, got a temporary restraining order, and for whatever reason was turned down when he applied for a permanent protective order. So when Clark shows up and starts threatening him again, Walker kills him and is now claiming self-defense. Which, if I were on the jury, I’d be tempted to agree. Walker tried to go the legal route and the system wouldn’t work for him.

But then watch: it’ll come out that Clark was angry but not actually violently threatening Walker, and Walker was trying to use the system as a shield from being held accountable for not paying his debts.

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