Starlight Six Killer to Stand Trial

Sorry: alleged killer. The article tells the story pretty well:

Lawyers will begin choosing a jury this morning to hear the murder case against Quentric Shaymond Williams, whom prosecutors will try to prove killed martial arts expert Mitt Lenix

Lenix, 28, was looking for help to jump-start his car when he encountered Williams, who police say was making out with his girlfriend inside a rented pick-up truck.

Williams fired, killing Lenix, then sped away leading police on a high-speed chase from the DeKalb County drive-in theater at the edge of Atlanta’s city limits on Moreland Drive to Gwinnett County where he ditched his truck and evaded police.

During the chase, police said Williams, 33, tossed nearly $10,000 in cash out of the truck, and stashed a gun in a Gwinnett homeowner’s backyard after crashing the truck and abandoning it, a second handgun, his girlfriend, and another near-$10,000 bundle.

The Starlight Six is an intown Atlanta institution: one of the last functioning drive-in movie theaters in the USA. One of the top ten destinations you’d take your friend who was visiting from out of town. The people that run it use it as a flea market during the day—I’ve never actually been to this—and a six-screen movie theater at night. Double feature for $7, bring whatever you want in the car. I used to go with a group of hipsters all the time before our babies got too old for the R-rated movies. People hang out, chat, have a good time. Most people bring lawn chairs; some stay in their cars. It’s a friendly, nice environment: you can almost see the stars overhead.

So Williams is not only a murderer, he’s a total douchebag: there’s just no reason to fear anyone at the Starlight Six. Guy walks up to your car because he needs a jump-start, you get out and help the man. Which is what makes this story terrifying to me and tons of people I know.

You see, we were all there the week before Lenix was killed. And some other guy was too busy smoking weed in his car and making out with his girlfriend that he left his headlights on. So two of my friends went up to knock on his window and ask him to turn the lights off. He was catatonically baked, but his girlfriend figured it out and shut the lights off, and everyone was cool. Later, my friends mentioned they were kind of nervous when they knocked on the guy’s window. And then exactly seven days later, poor Mr. Lenix gets shot in the exact same circumstances.

Too bad the death penalty doesn’t apply here, as it wasn’t murder with forethought or other special circumstances. Because in this case, I wouldn’t mind at all.

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