Make Sure Your Victim is Illiterate

Let’s all take a moment to show some respect for Candice Parchment, a 15-year-old girl from inner-ring suburban Clayton County who was murdered by then 18-year-old Marshae O’Brian Hickman in April 2010. Her body wasn’t found until the following November, beneath “an abandoned mattress behind the apartment complex where Hickman used to live.”

This week, Hickman got life without parole for his deeds: one can only wonder why he didn’t get the death penalty. Why did Hickman get convicted? Because poor Candice wrote about it:

In her diary, Parchment wrote that Hickman and Jermaine Robinson tried to rape her in an abandoned home in their neighborhood in January 2010, according to police records.

Robinson pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for hitting Parchment in the head that night, and he would later testify against Hickman.

A year after her body was found, Candice’s mother found the diary and turned it over to the police, who used it to pressure Robinson into testifying against Hickman.

So let’s all say a prayer or good thought of our choice for this teen whose picture (click through to see it in the article) makes her the sort of spunky, happy teen who stood right out in a hellhole that had an abandoned home that could be used as a rape house and the sort of apartment complex where nobody would bother to turn over an abandoned mattress for seven months.

And let’s say one for her mom, who after going through all the stages of grief found this diary, and read it, and who probably screamed all over again, begging whatever god she worships why in the world her daughter didn’t TELL HER about the rape attempt instead of writing it down. Imagine the mother, working so hard to keep her daughter on the good side of things that Candice didn’t want to bother her with it.

Mr. Hickman, of course, need not be in our prayers or thoughts, except insofar as to hope that turnabout is fair play.

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