Stalkers, Zealots and Sentries (2)

Go one post down to see the original entry: the point of this exercise is to imagine yourself as the battered-women’s advocate who has finally had enough of seeing women killed by their exes, whom the justice system can’t contain so long as they’re willing to deal with the consequences of their actions—hence, “murder-suicide”.

Your frustration is so total that you let your former client fool you into thinking her mother is dead (had you bothered to check up on it, this would have been obvious) and the cops really light into you for organizing what is ultimately a legal assassination. But women keep dying. So you go underground, and start counseling people what they might do. You’re conscious of the possibility of a conspiracy charge, especially because you’re on the cops’ radar, so what you do is phrase everything as a hypothetical—you’re just telling a story about how something might go down.

Now imagine what happens when it does.

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