Sad Clown is Angry

Here’s the sort of true crime story that you’d think would make it easy to be a writer:

Police are searching for a robber wearing a clown mask while targeting stores along the Cleveland Avenue corridor in southwest Atlanta…

Police said the masked robber strikes area businesses from 6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Police said even though the victims do what the robber says, he still gets violent.

In one incident, surveillance video shows the robber firing his gun at a wall and hitting a clerk in the head with a gun and demanding money. When the victim doesn’t move quickly enough, the robber shoots a chair.

“He’s coming in with the gun. He’s immediately demanding the money right away. If the clerk is not acting right away, he’s doing warning shots at least for the last two incidents, he’s fired warning rounds,” said Atlanta police Sgt. Prenzina Span.

On the one hand, robber with clown mask = comedy. Really irrationally angry clown robber = comedy gold. If you’re a sick bastard like me, that is. But the thing is, it’s hard to get beyond the comedy of the initial setup. What’s driving this man? Was it just that there was a clown mask lying around, so he used that instead of something else? Or is he some kind of Juggalo living the philosophy? But the thing about Juggalos is that they’re supposed to be some kind of creative chaos, not just destruction for its own sake. Well, insofar as Juggalos have the faintest idea what they’re talking about. Maybe the key is to get in his head and wonder whether he thinks he’s being funny.

But here’s the real key to the story:

Although police do not have a physical description, they hope viewers can identify him through his mannerisms or movements caught on camera.

What’s unusual about the guy’s movements, and what does this have to do with his choosing a clown mask rather than something else? Here’s where the story comes to life.

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