A New Classic (Level of Stupidity)

Many classic thrillers rely on missed connections between characters to drive their plots, or the inability of characters to connect–technologically, that is, though the other sort is common as well. Most of these classic plotlines just don’t work in modern thrillers, because people have mobile phones now. So there’s a lot of really crappy modern thrillers that rely on implausible coincidences to power classic plotlines: sudden dead zones in coverage, phone battery dead, etc.

But this story is an example of a modern thriller plot that couldn’t have been written ten years ago, or at least wouldn’t have seemed plausible:

Five women were robbed at gunpoint in the driveway of the Biltmore Hotel on West Peachtree Street late Thursday, but a stolen smartphone with tracking capability led to the suspects’ arrest, Atlanta police said Friday.

The women told police they were in the driveway of the Midtown hotel at around 11 p.m. when they were approached from behind by two men who pointed guns at them and demanded their belongings.

“At some point while being robbed, one of the victims punched one of the suspects in the face,” police spokeswoman Kim Jones said in a release. She said the suspects then fled with several purses and electronic devices.

One of the stolen devices was an iPhone, which was later tracked to an apartment complex on Stanton Drive in southwest Atlanta. Police said two suspects were taken into custody after the robbery victims positively identified them.

I almost pity these poor thugs, from blighted Southwest Atlanta, far, far out of their depth in Midtown, thinking they got away with crimes against rich people (the best kind), kicking back in their crappy apartment, smoking a little weed, laughing at the dumb kid pictures on the phone’s camera, and then the cops kick in the door. And then their chagrin once they find out just how stupid they really were. But it might be more interesting to write from the perspective of the victim, who’s simultaneously traumatized and eye-rollingly contemptuous. After all, she managed to punch a guy in the face without getting shot: what’s she all about?

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