Obligatory Disclaimer

Welcome to my blog. Most of what you’ll see here falls into one of several categories:

  1. Short segments of pieces of my fiction, some of which are strung together over multiple posts in order to show how a story evolves.
  2. Links to lurid crimes that take place in the Atlanta area, often coupled with musings on how these crimes could be turned into stories.
  3. Readings of the works of other mystery-thriller authors, mostly as media for discussions of prose, character, structure or themes.
  4. Photographs of Atlanta-area landmarks and other features.

I’m going to try to stay away from politics, philosophy, and pictures of pets. At some time in the distant future when I have readers, they should understand that any fiction of mine posted on this blog is copyrighted with all rights reserved, and that any piece of someone else’s writing is cited for the express and limited purpose of academic criticism. For now, this is all mostly a reason to get me to take more seriously my writing and myself as a writer.